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Chelsy Heyden is bicoastal. With proper notice, she is  available for both domestic and international travel.

Chelsy is atypical in all aspects. Having an extremely varied background, she is an amalgamation of all things exotic. She is free spirited, bubbly and enjoys spontaneity.

Chelsy is highly degreed and fluent in 3 languages. She possesses a very analytical mind, and blows away all stereotypes about brains and beauty. Chelsy has been able to harness both her brain power and her beauty by working in the corporate world as well as being a model.

Physically, Chelsy is about 5'5", quite callipygian and sports a very toned and curvy body. She has long brown hair, mischievous eyes and a dazzling smile. Chelsy wears a US dress size 2, and is always in beautiful lingerie regardless of the occasion.

Chelsy's interests are varied and include reading, SCUBA, ballet, art, antique jewelry, nutrition and believe it or not - being a handy girl. She also adores hiking, beach bumming and yoga. Chelsy is a non-smoker and a very light drinker although she is a budding oenophile.

Please visit Chelsy's website for more information and to make contact.

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Jc - September, 2008 ...

New York, 6 hours

I recently had the pleasure of spending an evening in Chelsy's company. She is the epitome of beauty, style, and grace. Highly educated and world travelled, she is conversant on a wide variety of topics. Then, when least expected, her wicked sense of humor will utterly disarm you. Passionate, seductive, intoxicating...That's Chelsy!

Ds2 - August, 2007 ...

Vail, overnight

Chelsy is an amazing woman. I have never met a person who is more full of life. Whether sitting in a restaurant overlooking the Rocky Mountains, watching the sunset over the water or enjoying a show on the strip, Chelsy is the perfect companion. A great conversationalist, she will entertain you with her delightful sense of humor but also captivate you with her intelligence on a variety of topics.

I will say you haven't  lived until you experience the beauty of Chelsy. Sitting poolside, numerous people would comment abut her perfectly sculpted body. She exudes sensuality but without any pretense...she is extremely comfortable with who she is.

However, I will warn you... her perfection makes it difficult to say goodbye!

Ds - August, 2006 ...

Vail, 24 hours

Chelsy is an angel. Words cannot describe the feeling that one gets when you are in her presence. Sophisticated yet playful, she is every man's dream. Truly a free spirit. She is the type of woman that would be comfortable in any situation. I highly recommend Chelsy to anybody that wants a memorable experience. I know I will never forget my time with her.

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